The Gift of Fabulous Hair

The Gift of Fabulous Hair

You’re here!  You have made it through the chaos of holiday planning… Almost. You’ve bought the kids new toys, a nice sweater for Mom and you even got your husband tickets to that corny event he’s been bugging you about all month.  The only thing left to do is to find the perfect gift for your best friend.  With the holiday just around the corner, let us here at Sulimay’s help you give her everything she wants this year! 

Okay, ladies. We all know bad hair days should be a crime, but we also aren’t here to judge.  We ALL understand the struggle of chronic bed head, but did you know that something as simple a shampoo can make all the difference? This year try giving your girl friends a shampoo designed just for them.

For the friend who is the life of the party:

She’s bubbly, she’s fun and she wants all the volume this year.  Since she is your best friend, you know she deserves it.  With KMS Add Volume Shampoo, she can have it. There’s no hiding her look under a winter hat this year and it’s all thanks to you!

For your favorite curly girl:

She rocks to the beat of her own drum and there is no stopping this one.  She’s bouncy, she’s unique and she deserves nothing less than KMS Moist Repair Shampoo.  Give your curly girl a gift to keep her hydrated and bouncing around all day long!

For the friend who always brightens the room:

She’s got all eyes on her without even trying.  There’s no dulling her shine this year, especially with the gift of KMS Color Vitality Shampoo.  No need for a tree topper with hair that bright!

Now that we’ve solved your last minute shopping crisis, go on and relax.  Have some coco, put your feet up and give Sulimay’s a call.   We’ll help you give her the perfect product, and to make her day even better, ask for a gift card! Not only will you help cure her chronic bed head, but you’ll also have her feeling fabulous and ready to take on 2020 hair first!

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